Hike up to the “Top of the World”

There seems to be a calmness to the following WWII photo. Soldiers with souvenir Samurai Swords taking in the view. But this was the site of an earlier battle. Clark Airfield in the distance, was now secured and the Air Force could now launch more missions from land.

Top of the World, Luzon WWII picture

Things where anything but calm, contrary to what the picture may suggest. General MacArthur’s goal still was not complete. Manila was still to the distant right of the landscape above. Any delay meant the disfavor of the famous general.

Writting on the back of WWII picture

Robert wrote on the back of this WW2 photo: “Surveying yesterdays battleground you can spot a few of the many caves & some of their supply dumps. This is the area you read about in the newspapers. Note Jap sword. Part of airfield in rear. Clark Field & Fort Stotsenburg.”

After the battle there was opportunity to hike up the hill called “Top of the World”. From the top Robert Munyon could survey the battle field.

Luzon ww2 top of the world after the battle

Luzon ww2 top of the world after the battle

Luzon ww2 top of the world after the battle account

Captain Robert Munyon wrote the following comment:
“Jap ammo dump in rear & dead ones scattered about.
Van de Graff & I picked up a boot near hear & found a foot inside.
They were fine riding boots, about our size but forgot all about them then.”


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